AHOME UV Ray Protection & Night Vision Improvement Adjustable Safety Glasses

AHOME UV Ray Protection & Night Vision Improvement Adjustable Safety Glasses

SKU: GL001

Detailed Product Description

  • Protecting eyes: Blocks Most of UV rays
  • Visual Aids: See with more contrast between targets and the environment UNDER UV LIGHT!
  • Night Vision Improment: Promote the vision at dark situations
  • Protective Carrying Case: Protect the glasses from scratching if carried outdoors
  • What's in the Box: AHOME UV Glasses, Protective Carrying Case


Brand: AHOME
Material: High quality Polycarbonate, sturdy and durable enough for long time daily using. 

1. The lens are made from polycarbonate material.
2. Meet the American standard ANSI.Z87.1, Level One impact resistance standards and the European standard CE EN166 testing standards.
3. Ergonomic design, no metal accessories, so that the vision is more open, wearing more securely, comfortably.
4. Multi-stage, user-friendly adjustable frame. Adjustable based on personal face up and down, before and after at random.
5. Professional anti-fog treatment, never affected by the temperature difference, especially suitable for use in cold weather.
6. Flank and eyebrow design, effectively blocking the side of the flying particles, sand and dust.
7. Unique mercury reinforced coating, more effectively blocking UVA and UVB and other harmful lights.
8. Protective Carrying Case: Protect the glasses from scratching if carried outdoors. 

What's in the Box: 
1 x AHOME UV Glasses

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